1. Walk Over

From the recording Walk Over

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Do you hear the hallowed?
Do you feel the thrill coming back to you?
Do you know what follows?
Hear the music tell ya what ya ought to do.

You look to them and they're watching you.
At the crossroads what ya gonna do
Find some strength friend, hear what I'm telling you
Feel the fear babe but walk on over.
Find a guitar and you play a lick
Let the Blues tell ya what ya think of it
Don't be drawn down, just be drawn in
Feel the fear babe but walk on over

You might find your voice
Or lose your soul
Put on a spell on you
That you can't control
Walk over, walk over, walk over

At the junk joint
In the local dive
In the concert hall, yeah the blues alive
You can hear the past in Mr. Kingfish
or the soulful sound of Samantha Fish
here you are child at the precipice
Take a leap of faith, sailing off a cliff
Soaring on a note or a shuffle beat
feel the fear babe but walk on over

from the Texas sand, to the delta scene
Chicago style, or the Memphis King
Walk over, walk over, Walk over

repeat last verse and bridge.